Learning something new can be exciting, and being able to apply that new information or skill in real world situations is even better! In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, there are many places people can go to pick up a new hobby or skill. Here are a list of 3 top places to pick up a new skill in Chapel Hill.


Get in touch with your inner artist when you take a class offered by The ArtsCenter. Whether you like to express yourself through writing, creating, or performing, the ArtsCenter offers many classes that are likely to appeal to your interests. Classes range from a variety of different levels, so whether you’re an advanced artist looking to hone your skills, or a beginner looking to try something new, you’ll be able to find a class perfect for you.


Learn defense and discipline through the ancient Japanese martial art Ninjutsu at Quest Martial Arts. The dojo offers classes for all ages as well as fitness programs that increase strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. Students of the dojo can expect to learn how to react in threatening or dangerous situations through martial arts, and can apply the positive outlook and self-assurance promoted in the sessions to every day life.


The benefits of being bilingual or even multilingual are endless. Speaking more than one language is an asset for many careers, you have the ability to talk with people of different cultures, and you can better connect with your own culture if you choose to learn a native language of your ancestors. CHICLE Language Institute offers classes for a variety of different languages, including: Spanish, German, Italian, French, Arabic, Latin and more! Language learners can register online and choose private or group lessons.

Chapel Hill does not disappoint when it comes to finding a new and exciting skill to master. Check out one of the 3 places listed above the next time you’re looking to expand your areas of expertise.

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