Pie is one of those artistic achievements that showcases each season's bountiful crops as well as the baker's finesse. While a slice of pie is the perfect finale to a fine meal any time of the year, there's something particularly satisfying about savoring the rich finish of autumn's harvest wrapped in a delicate flaky crust.

Chapel Hill is home to many fine establishments that treat your taste buds to the savory pleasure of pie, which makes it challenging to narrow the selection down to only a few choices. There are, however, three restaurants in Chapel Hill that really stand out as superior.

Crooks Corner Café & Bar

Whether you're looking for the finishing touch to top off a magnificent Southern meal, or you simply want to stop in for a slice of pie and coffee, you'll find Crooks Corner a welcoming spot. Their Atlantic Beach Lemon-Lime Pie with a saltine cracker crust and fresh whipped cream elicits a verbal "Wow!" and is a specialty you will regularly seek out.

Weaver Street Market

Just about a mile west of downtown Chapel Hill, you'll find the Weaver Street Market in the heart of Carborro's shopping district. It's the perfect spot to take a break from shopping for the unique and just relax with a fresh slice of pie and a bit of people watching. The bakery uses locally grown and seasonal produce to create each pie. Autumn's apples from Virginia provide the warm filling for this delectable pleasure.


When you're ready to give your muscles a rest, pull your bicycle off the trail and enjoy some of the many specialties offered at Breakaway. Their pies are made fresh and delivered weekly by the Slice Pie Company out of Raleigh. It's a great place to replenish your reserves and savor the best this area has to offer.

After your outing to sample the best spots Chapel Hill has to offer for pies, bring one home to share with your family and friends. You'll find a welcoming home to return to at Shortbread LoftsContact us for a personal tour of all we have to offer.

In the mood to bake your very own pie? Pick up pumpkins, squash, and other seasonal produce at a local pumpkin patch! Find our favorites here.