Check Out Chapel Hill's Cat Tales Cat Café

In a bustling city like Chapel Hill, there are tons of amazing places to explore. But if you're a feline aficionado, you know nothing compares to an adorable cat purring on your lap or begging to play.

At the Cat Tales Cat Café, just two blocks away from our Chapel Hill student apartments, you can easily make a new furry friend while on a study break.


Since the original cat café opened in Taiwan in 1998, they have exploded in popularity all over the globe. These special spots allow adoptable cats to happily roam free in a space full of toys and lots of trees for climbing. Visitors can get a cup of coffee or tea and visit the cats in their expansive Cat Lounge. Don't worry—the food and drink preparation is entirely separate from the cats. Both the cats and their human visitors benefit; even if you're not looking to adopt, you're helping to socialize the cats by spending time with them.


Since they're never confined to cages, the cats at Cat Tales get to relax and be themselves. They even have two spacious stories in which to happily roam free. With stress at a bare minimum, the cats personalities' sparkle, which boosts their chances of finding a perfect home. Whenever a cat gets adopted, a new one gets to join the crew!


Cat Tales gets busy. Luckily, they allow you to easily plan ahead. They also have special events like Paws and Pose Cat Yoga, Zen in the Cat Den, and Mewvie Night. You can easily book your spot on their website. A ticket into the Cat Lounge is $10 per person on weekdays and $12 on weekends. This helps cover costs for utilities, rent, and catnip.

Cat Tales is just one of the entertainment options near our student housing in Chapel Hill, NC. To learn more about the community, contact us.