Check Out Chapel Hill's Trails & Greenways!

Summer has arrived, which means it's the perfect time to explore the idyllic trails and greenways located close to our apartments near UNC Chapel Hill. The greenway system is a new, refreshing way to get to your destination while experiencing all of the natural beauty of the Old North State. These paved and natural surface trails span approximately 17.6 miles and are kept meticulously clean and free of litter by Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation.

Natural Trails

Those looking for the ultimate immersion in nature will find Chapel Hill's natural surface trails to be an absolute delight. The Battle Branch and Dry Creek trails cover rocky terrains and wooded slopes, spanning 1.5 miles and perfect for those looking for a nice hike. If you're looking for a trail with more level ground and a shorter journey, the Tanyard Branch, Pritchard Park, and Cedar Falls trails are a great option.

Paved Trails

Chapel Hill's paved trails are situated right in the heart of our beautiful forests. Consider Bolin Creek Trail, a wide paved trail that connects the Battle Branch trail and Community Center Park, going past a beautiful creek from which it got its namesake. The Fan Branch Trail features an expansive fitness circuit for those looking to get an extra workout. Barrs Recreation and ExoFit Outdoor Fitness provide equipment you could find in a regular gym and put it right in nature's backyard!

Homestead Park trail provides a variety of extra amenities, including a basketball court, batting cages, playground equipment, skate parks, and more! Finish off your walk by stopping at a picnic area or taking a dip in the swimming pool.


Break out your bike or your best pair of walking shoes and experience these awesome trails today! Feel free to contact us for more information or other activities you can experience in Chapel Hill.