During the day, Chapel Hill is a charming town full of history and rich in culture, but the cooling season brings an urge to explore the chillier side of the area.

Here are three haunted places to visit around our apartments near UNC Chapel Hill such as Horace Williams House, Grimghoul Castle, Haunted Hill.

1. Horace Williams House

Benjamin Hedrick constructed the house in 1854, and it's seen its fair share of owners in the last century and a half — as haunted houses tend to do. Locals know it as the Horace Williams House, named after UNC Professor Horace Williams who owned the home from 1897 until he passed away in the 1940s. Some say he never left.

Preservation Chapel Hill maintains the house, which is open to the public. Casually peruse the house and take in the art and educational exhibits as you test your sixth sense. No faux scares here!

Visit Professor Williams' home at 610 East Rosemary Street. Call (919) 942-7818 in advance, and ask about the Voices from the Grave Tour of the Old Chapel Hill Cemetery.

2. Grimghoul Castle

A secret society? A castle hidden deep in the south? A haunting inherited tale of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill endures in the form of Grimghoul Castle.

The Order of the Grimghoul, a collegiate secret society, was established in 1889 and took its name from Peter Dromgoole, a student who disappeared in 1833 without a trace. The Order funded the construction of the castle in the 1920s for the sum of $50,000.

The stories say that Peter lost a duel over his girl, Fanny, and is buried on the castle grounds. Some say Fanny held onto Peter as the gunshot wound took his life, and other accounts tell a sadder version: Fanny never knew what became of her beloved. Peter still haunts the grounds at the site of the castle built in his honor by the Order.

Grimghoul Castle isn't open to the public, and that fact only fuels the wild tales. You can still walk the grounds of the campus and take in the castle from afar.

3. Haunted Hill

Like a slightly more low-key and kid-friendly haunt? Enjoy the Haunted Hill at the Chapel Hill Community Center, including trunk-or-treat and games and activities from 5 to 7 pm, and a movie in the park starts at 6:45 pm. Bring a picnic and watch "Coco," the 2018 selected movie.

Where's the haunted in Haunted Hill? Dare to take the glow in the dark walk from 7 to 9 pm. Don't trip, or what's in the dark may catch you. The Parks and Recreation Department requires a signed waiver for kids aged six and up. The fun takes place on Saturday, October 20, and the popcorn and parking are free.

While you could get your scare on at any "haunted" cornfield, escape room or fear factory, these three haunted places offer you a real glance at both the past and present of Chapel Hill. Exercise your sixth sense while spending quality time with friends and family.

Learn more about the best Chapel Hill hangouts and history being made in the neighborhood when you contact us, and we may tell you a scary tale of our own!

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