The Honeysuckle Tea House is just a fifteen-minute drive from Shortbread Lofts. This eco-friendly open-air tea house has gained popularity in the Chapel Hill area as a sanctuary for tea and herb lovers. Located on 17 acres of farmland, it provides a shady respite from the summer heat and noise in your head.

By growing its own herbs and tea leaves, the Honeysuckle Tea House has elevated the traditional farm-to-table experience to include herbal and camellia sinensis (white, green, and black) teas. You can find matcha, kombucha, and a variety of tea blends to achieve any state of mind. The non-tea drinkers in your group can choose from coffee, sodas, and smoothies. Staying true to its spirit of locality, healthy bites from other area establishments are also available for purchase.

In addition to its culinary herbs, eighty medicinal herbs are grown on site. Boasting the wellness power of these plants, the Honeysuckle Tea House sells its own handcrafted tinctures, salves, and aromatherapy sprays. On a breezy day, you may just be treated to your own aromatherapy with subtle scents of lavender, lemon balm, or peppermint permeating the open-air space.

This tea house often referred to as the Treehouse in the Sky," exudes a cool vibe promoting sustainability and an agrarian lifestyle. It is built from repurposed materials with the main cafe area sitting atop old recycled shipping containers. This unique architectural style provides picturesque views of the grounds. Those looking for a less communal experience can wander down into the gardens and settle into a hammock for quiet contemplation. The Honeysuckle Tea House also has WiFi available making this venue both a great spot to relax and an alternative study space.

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